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Our first experience with Shiloh Shepherds was in 2007 when we bumped into a friend in Boston walking her new Shiloh puppy in the park. After our dog died two years prior, we didn't think we had the heart to ever get another one, but we just couldn't get over this Shiloh's beauty, intelligence and calmness. We did a little research and found our beautiful Shiloh, a show quality dog from Sunshine Shilohs in Florida. I've owned other breeds of dogs but I can tell you this breed is highly intelligent and loyal.
Shilohs are larger and have a straighter back than most modern German Shepherd dogs. Shilohs are bred for intelligence, size and stable temperaments. Their coats can be a variety of colors and color mixes. They compete in obedience and agility and also make great therapy and Search & Rescue dogs. Check the links on our website for more information on this amazing breed.

We now have LED lighted collars and leashes!